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Our goal is to advance retail sustainability one return at a time.
Patturn tackles two common problems that clients identify. 30% of items that customers buy through online or brick-and-mortar retailers come back as returns. This results in $100 billion dollars worth of returns annually. Secondly, the majority of returns stay in warehouses without processing and eventually ends up in landfills.

Patturn has created solutions for the waste problem. Our cloud-based platform helps to automate returns processing, guiding users with their disposition decision making. It reduces a company's carbon footprint and waste while at the same time, increases the bottom line.

Our company was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2019 whose goal is to advance retail sustainability one return at a time. A team of dedicated engineers and developers came together to solve a problem that most retailers are experiencing. Today, Patturn strives to become the industry standard of reverse supply chain and omni-channel solutions.

The Team

davis hoang chief executive officer
CEO & Co-Founder
Davis Hoang
dennis hoang chief marketing officer
COO & Co-Founder
Dennis Hoang

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