Published on
February 25, 2020

Effective Warehouse Management Practices

girl walking through warehouse Photo by Sikai Gu on Unsplash

What practices are being used to create effective warehouse management? What areas should you be focusing on in terms of warehouse management?

Reduce Touches.

Having effective warehouse management means reducing the number of touches that occur. This reduces complexities that are a part of your daily operations. If you reduce the number of touches, error decreases and velocity and efficiency will increase.

Using Hand-Held Technologies.

Using a hand-held device to scan and store information will improve efficiencies and reduce error. According to Dataxcorp, using a mobile computer in a warehousing environment can offer up to 99.9% data accuracy levels. Improved data accuracy ensure that customer's orders will arrive on time and that they will receive the correct item purchased.

Have Visibility of Your Inventory.

Having full visibility of your entire inventory helps you better manage the capacity of your warehouse and ensures an accurate inventory at all times. It was found that 41% of retailers reported seeing a significant positive impact on revenue since enabling inventory visibility.

Optimize Workflows and Picking Procedures.

Having optimized picking procedures is another essential part of effective warehouse management. The process of picking items should be standardized and easy to follow. This reduces the number of touches by directing items towards the most optimal path in your warehouse. According to the Adaptalift, 55% of warehouse management costs comes from order picking alone.

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