Why Failure Is Important To Me.

Published on
April 14, 2020

My name is David Osuna and I am a part of the Marketing and Sales Team for Patturn. I handle the day-to-day affairs of introducing Patturn to the world. If you run a small to medium-sized business, I show how Patturn can your scale and grow your business. I also answer questions people might have, like our beliefs as a company and what we would like to accomplish.

Being a part of the team at Patturn for more than a couple of months, there are a myriad of challenges we run into on a day to day basis. For instance, from tackling personal challenges like understanding my capabilities, to company challenges like acquiring beta testers to test our software. As an entrepreneur, there is always something that you can be working on or improving. With that, I believe that there is no set or right way of building and running a business.

Every business has a unique set of problems they will be addressing. Nevertheless, all the challenges we face are tested through trial and error. Having a job where you are learning on the go the majority of the time, expect to fail at some point. Learning from these mistakes and being open to receive feedback and criticism, is the key to help you build a better business. 

In addition, I believe that failing is one of the most humbling and honest experiences as an entrepreneur.  It shows you what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to make a better decision on what to do next. For me, I am accustomed to having what works in front of me. Failing is an indication on where you stand and it forces you out of the comfort of knowing, allowing you to improve. As I continue to handle obstacles, I will continually challenge myself to work outside of my comfort zone and improve.