Business Intelligence Software

Understand how your business is performing with Patturn.

Patturn Sales Report Dashboard

Track and analyze your business.

Generate and analyze beautiful graphs and reports to study sales trends and gain better insights on your numbers.

See key performance indicators

Dashboard access allows you to track business performance across your sales, inventory, warehouse, and returns management.

Make data-driven decisions

Find trends and get an in-depth analysis of your operations. Identify areas that work well and don’t work well to make data-driven decisions.

Set goals and track performance

Create variants for each product based on custom attributes like weight, size, color, and condition.

Cost Information

See the total cost of the purchase order broken down into units and line items.

Restrict Access and Information

Customize employee access to the platform. Restrict access and information to specific employees only.

Patturn Green Circular Economy

Understand the costs of your business today.

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