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Avoid stockouts, add product listings, and receive automatic stock level updates when sales or purchases are made.

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Features of Patturn Inventory Management Software.

Centralized Inventory

View and manage your entire inventory across all channels, marketplaces, and warehouses on a single platform. Update your inventory quantities whenever a sale or purchase has been made.

Patturn inventory view
Patturn create a product

Product Listing

Keep your inventory organized with up-to-date information that includes multiple price lists for wholesale and retail cost, quantity, product images, SKUs, and barcodes.


Create variants for each product based on custom attributes like weight, size, color, and condition.

Patturn grading with variants
Patturn barcode scanning

Barcode Scanning

Search for products through barcodes, immediately populating product information into sales and purchase orders. Generate and print barcode for each product.

Serial Number Tracking

Generate a unique identifier for each product in your inventory to track its movement from purchase to sale.

Patturn serialized tracking

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