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Returns and Inventory Management Software

patturn return and inventory management system dashboard

Patturn is an end-to-end returns and inventory management software that provides superior supply chain and omnichannel solutions. It allows users to take control of new, returned, refurbished and surplus inventory and routes them towards targeted, online marketplaces to maximum recovery. Through Patturn, users can drastically improve their disposition strategies and make better business decisions.

What is Patturn?

Powerful features that make up this software.

Take advantage of Patturn's powerful enterprise tools to help you streamline, manage, and sell the complex dimensions of new and used inventories.

Inbound Receiving

Patturn provides receiving capabilities as inventory enters your fulfillment center. Manifests can be uploaded to Patturn for quality assurance and to check stated quantities. Control where and how the item will be routed based on your own business rules.

Silhouette of orange forklift moving within warehouse

Serialized Tracking

A unique label is generated to enable tracing and tracking. Know at each turn where the item is along the supply chain. This process helps to boost stock management accuracy and inventory control.


Through data-driven metrics, forecast profitability and select the best possible supply chain destination. Set your own rules and guidelines based on value, brand and category of the item.

Returns Processing

Determine and create the next best destination for each item in the added value chain. Possible destinations can include Return-to-Stock (RTS), Return-to-Vendor (RTV), refurbishing, or recycling.


Define your product grading rules to simplify and streamline workflows . Ensure accurate grading information is relayed to your employees, customers and vendors.

returns processing features: grading system

Manage Inventory

Centralize your sales channels, inventory, orders, and warehouse all on one platform.

inventory management features: products dashboard

Listing on Sales Channel

Highlight your brand by listing it on your website as well as various omnichannels such as Ebay, Amazon and Shopify. Boost your brand’s visibility and customer reach.

Order Management

Fulfill your orders and increase your business efficiency from order creation to fulfillment. Experience a greater volume of orders and lower costs.

Inventory Management

View, manage and synchronize your inventory across all channels and warehouses. Keep your online inventory in tandem with the offline.

Warehouse Management

Automate every touch and movement within your warehouse with efficient picking, packing, sorting, and kitting processes. Improve fulfillment cycles and boost productivity.


Discover and analyze the details of your returns to improve your returns processing capabilities.

Decision Making

Ensure that every touch and movement of inventory adds the most value while maintaining the lowest cost.   

Dashboard & Reporting Tools

Have access to a user-friendly dashboard that generates workflow and financial reports. 

analytics features: reports

Why use Patturn?

Real-Time Visibility

Provides full transparency of your inventory and operations such as information on which channel the item is being sold or where the item is located within your fulfillment center.

Easy To Use

The user-friendly interface provides users a step-by-step guide on how to use the system to increase efficiency and day-to-day operations.

Improve Your Productivity

Advance and refine your workflow to become seamless and efficient.


The cloud-based platform allows single sign-on users to have full control via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Streamline your business processes.

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