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Features of Patturn's Purchase Management Software.

Supplier Management

Manage your suppliers and choose one that fits your business needs. Assign notes and access important supplier information.

Patturn adding a supplier
Patturn payment management

Ensure Payments of Purchase Orders

Ensure payments to vendors are accurate and complete to prevent discrepancies.

Check Purchase Order Status

Keep track and stay on top of purchase workflows. See what’s been done and who’s been involved every step of the way. Label purchase orders under the following statuses: Pending, Receive, Partial, Complete, or Cancel.

Patturn purchase order view
Patturn cost information

Cost Information

See the total cost of the purchase order broken down into units and line items.

Restrict Access and Information

Customize employee access to the platform. Restrict access and information to specific employees only.

Patturn user roles

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