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Use the platform the determine to best route to recovery. Possible destinations include:


Inspect the item at the receiving stage to check stated quantities and product conditions.


Assign grading rules to ensure items have a proper condition and ensure accurate information is stored.


Repair products to fit the standards and specifications of the original manufacturer.


Repackage products to shelf-ready and store in your inventory.

Return to stock

Move the item to your inventory and have it listed in multiple sales channels.

Return to Vendor

Return the item back to the original vendor or manufacturer.


Donate items to your local non-profit businesses.


Reuse parts and materials from a product to refurbish other products.

Features of Patturn's Returns Management Software.


Keep track of the movement of a product. Measure lead time, cycle time, and throughput to see how it long takes a customer return to be processed.

Patturn Grading a product with variants
Patturn Serialized tracking

License Plate Tracking

Keep track of the movement of a product with a unique License Plate Number (LPN). Receive shipments faster by assigning an LPN for incoming inventory. Speed up picking in your warehouse by assigning an LPN. Create an LPN to bundle and kit products together.

Analytics & Reports

Key performance indicators (KPIs) vary across the board, but some indicators remain the standard. Here are the KPIs that will improve your returns processing operation: Disposition Cycle Time, Cost of Repair, and Rate of Recovery.

Patturn Pie graph

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