Warehouse Management Software

Boost warehouse productivity with Patturn.

Patturn Warehouse Management Software

A better way to optimize your warehouse management.

Manage your inventory across multiple warehouses, transfer stock between warehouses, and control inventory movement.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Manage the operations of multiple warehouses like it's one unit. Whether it's receiving, put-away, picking, or shipping, manage the movement of your inventory.

Receive Products

For purchase orders, control which location you would like to receive the product. Upload purchase order manifests for to keep track of costs, check quality assurance and stated quantities.

Receive Against Purchase Orders

Receiving against purchase order can be performed to ensure stated quantities.


Track the locations of your inventory across different warehouses. Never waste time locating products with exact shelf, aisle, bin, and zone allocation.

Pick, Pack & Ship

Create sales order via the web-based platform to be picked, packed, and shipped.

Stock Transfer

Transfer stock between warehouses. Keep it paperless and hassle free using serialized tracking.

Remote Team Collaboration

Employees working remotely can collaborate and work together with real-time inventory information

Restrict Access & Information

Customize employee access to the platform. Restrict access and information to specific employees only.

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