Published on
March 17, 2020

Common Warehouse Management Problems

Photo by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash

What are some common warehouse management problems?

To help you and your business stay on top of effective warehouse management practices, here are some common problems that may occur in your day-to-day warehouse operations.

Warehouse Inventory Accuracy

Human error is the most common issue when it comes to inventory accuracy. Insufficient training in the inventory management system can also be an issue. According to Conveyco, the average U.S. retail operation has an inventory accuracy level of 63%.

Efficient Warehouse Layout

The layout of your warehouse or facilities is the foundation of your daily operations. It can either streamline your business processes or slow them down. As a rule of thumb, the most popular products should be the easiest to access for fasting picking and shipping.

Inventory Location

Failing to set up an inventory allocation system can significantly slow down your operations, leading to a variety of issues upstream. Pickers will have trouble finding products to grab and ship out.Providing an efficient system for inventory locations leads to better inventory management and warehouse operations practices.

Picking Optimization

The process of picking products should be standardized and easy to follow. This reduces the number of touches by directing pickers towards the most optimal path to pick items. According to Adaptalift, 55% of warehouse management cost comes from order picking alone

Quality Control

Ensure quality through the use of serialized tracking, which is a method to identify your inventory in the supply chain down to the item level. It provides increased warehouse and inventory traceability, improved data accuracy, and better customer satisfaction.

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